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I want to share my work with you and welcome your feedback.  Thanks for being here.  I am really glad you stopped by for a look.  Please feel free to make comments and reblog!   :)

i am constantly creating new work!!!  my primary blog is on Tumblr.  you can see an extensive collection of my work and observations here.

a fine art portfolio of different older photo works

you may contact me with any questions or for purchase of images at:

stefaniejasper at aol dot com

22 thoughts on “my info…

  1. Hi Stefanie!

    Thank you very much for the kind words you left on my blog, it was lovely to read and nice to know that people are taking the time to have a look through my blog. I’m new to all this and am trying to take one food related photo every day for a whole year.

    I had a look at the links on your blog and absolutely love your photography website – you’re a very talented photographer and I particularly liked the childrens’ portrait photography. I hope many other people take the time to look through your gorgeous photos.

    Jemma :-)

    • Hi Jemma,
      i am new to blogging as well. lots to learn. thank you so much for taking the time to view my work and for the wonderful compliments.
      i once had a project of making a doodle a day, sometimes made many per day, for a year which actually turned out to be a bit longer and i filled up many journals. i have started posting them, page for page, on my facebook page, Stefanie Jasper Artist/Photographer. i look forward to seeing some more wonderful food images from you. :) Stefanie

  2. I am loving your work!! You have a lovely style and your photos make me want to just sit and study them. I often come back for a second look. I’m glad you are blogging and sharing :D

    • with tears of joy in my eyes, i am pleased that you are pleased for it is for you that i put my care into my work. don’t get me wrong, i love making the work but when it’s done, the only thing that matters to me is whether someone, somewhere, somehow is moved by it. thank you <3

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